'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly Happy With Sabrina's Death? Alexis Breaks Down in Court

Carly insists that Sabrina’s death was for the best in General Hospital. Meanwhile, will Julian get convicted for Paul’s murders?

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According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Michael (Chad Duell) goes to the hospital to visit Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) and finally proposes. There, he finds Felix (Marc Samuel) who is happy for both of them.


However, the two find her collapsed body with Michael thinking she has fainted. He then discovers the truth and still tries to save her.

However, it is too late as Paul (Richard Burgi) had already made quick work of her. Paul left her body after a terrible struggle with Sabrina begging for her life in General Hospital.

Michael is devastated that his future fiancee is dead and that their plans of starting a family are over. She gambled her life to save Monica (Leslie Charleson) at the cost of her own life. It is also worth noting that Paul did not have any real intentions of killing her until she intervened.

Michael then has a fight with his mother, Carly (Laura Wright) who was always against the idea of her son marrying Sabrina. She even mentions how her death is the best for Michael. In line with this, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) might make the most of the situation and manipulate him for her plans.

In other news, another Celebrity Dirty Laundry report claims that Paul is trying to convict Julian (William deVry) for the killer’s crimes in court. Alexis (Nancy Grahn) is the only one who can help Julian but she suffers a breakdown during the trial.

Scott (Kin Shriner) insists that Alexis is mentally unstable and enjoys watching her mess with the case. In spite of this, spoilers hint that the trial is ending very soon and on a positive note for Julian. The lack of physical evidence plus hearsay points to a not-guilty verdict.

Fans will have to tune in General Hospital on ABC to find out more.

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