‘Boku No Hero Academia’ Chapter 106, 107 Spoilers, Predictions: Shiketsu Girl Returns to Fight Uraraka

The girl from Shiketsu who previously fought Deku decides to assault Uraraka in Boku No Hero Academia chapter 107.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for Boku No Hero Academia chapter 106. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


Deku tries to get away from the Shiketsu girl chasing him. Midoriya asks the student from Shiketsu why she is not wearing anything.

The Shiketsu girl does not answer Deku’s query instead she reminds him about their battle. The Shiketsu student attacks Deku with her Quirk. Fortunately, Hanta activates his Quirk that creates distance between Deku and the Shiketsu girl.

As Deku rejoins his classmates Uraraka and Hanta, the Shiketsu girl runs away from the battle. Hanta then teases Deku about the situation he is in. Midoriya explains that the Shiketsu student’s Quirk has something to do with her being naked.

Deku indicates that once she gets rid of her clothes, her enemies will vanish as well. Midoriya, therefore advices Uraraka and Hanta to stay where they are and they should never go after the Shiketsu student.

Meanwhile, Bakugou and Denki approach the guy from Shiketsu, the person who has turned Eijirou into a molded pile. The Shiketsu guy pronounces his admiration over UA.

However, once the Shiketsu guy encounters UA’s Class 1-A, he reveals that his respect for the school vanished. Bakugou and Denki do know what the Shiketsu guy is mumbling about. Katsuki actually prefers to talk to the Shiketsu participant with their fists ramming.

The Shikesu girl from before does not really want to run away from a fight. Uraraka notices that the Shiketsu student is still waiting for Deku to be separated away from her and Hanta.

Uraraka does not approve of the Shiketsu girl’s dirty tactics. To Deku and Hanta’s surprise, Uraraka just vanishes in  Boku No Hero Academia chapter 107.

The Shiketsu student cannot believe that Uraraka has plunged herself in her trap. The Shiketsu girl points out that it was meant for Deku.

In general analysis, the Shiketsu participants do not seem to be the type of individuals who run away from the battles. Hence, Boku No Hero Academia chapter 107 may feature the Shiketsu girl returning to lurk Uraraka, Deku or Hanta into a trap.

Photo Source: My Hero Academia Official Website

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